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National Ninja Package


The National Ninja Package is guaranteed to launch a surprise attack on
competitors across the country, generating leads and customers effortlessly.

  • Master Your Industry

Our stealthy SEO experts will ensure your company name is under the nose of every relevant browser in the nation.

  • Conquer The Search Mountain

Watch as our team of highly skilled ninjas maximise your leads and sales, converting visitors to customers in one fell swoop.

  • Create A Striking Brand

Transform your brand from a well-known company to a household name. Awareness is the first step towards building an unbeatable customer base.

Our Process

Month 1

First thing’s first, Finetune takes every care to shape the foundations of your SEO campaign for maximum results.

By setting up all of the analytics and tracking, keyword researching, SEO tagging, and content optimisation, Finetune will offer your website a new lease of SEO life, and prepare it for incredible online success.

All of this is bundled into one simple fixed price.

Month 2 Onwards

Our first month of SEO commitments is all about priming your website for an incredible SEO boom. While the foundation works will produce some noticeable results, Finetune’s monthly SEO servicing will supercharge your website traffic and inbound leads.

By opting for our ongoing monthly SEO support, your company can enjoy the full rewards of increased interest in your website, converting into increased sales for your business.

Of course, you might want to try and navigate the harsh SEO landscape on your own, but we’d recommend letting us take the stress of your shoulders, and do what we do best!

Tracking & Reporting

What does success look like to you?

Rather than just sending the odd reassuring email about the progress of your SEO campaigns, Finetune places the power and control into your hands, allowing you to view stats and reports on exactly how well your SEO campaign is doing.

You will have 24/7 access to the performance of target keywords and web traffic with any of our packages.

We take pride in knowing that our clients can physically see the return on their investment with us!

What Our Clients Say

How Can SEO
Benefit My Business?


93% of online experiences

begin with a search engine

75% of users

never scroll past the first page of search results

The #1 driver of traffic

is Search. It’s 3x more effective than social media

14.6% of SEO leads

convert compared to 1.7% of traditional leads

The first organic search

result will get nearly 33% of clicks

70-80% of users

ignore the paid ads, focusing on the organic results.


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Is this the right SEO package for my business?

The National Ninja package is our most premium package, consisting of the most up-to-date, efficient, and proven techniques to dominate your online marketplace. If you’re not happy with being second best, and wish to rank as highly on search engines as possible, while generating bundles of leads and sales, then the National Ninja package is definitely the right choice for you. Beyond this, Finetune focuses on making sure your brand goes from zero to hero by dedicating our SEO experts to making sure your company name becomes a household one.

What’s involved in the campaign?

Our national package is split up into two key areas:

  1. On-page optimisation
  2. Off-page optimisation

Our on-page optimisation package is carried out at a fixed rate within the first month.

There is then the option to choose an off-page monthly bespoke package, starting in your second month with us, which focuses mainly on content marketing and link building.

The off-page monthly package we recommend is completely tailored to your company & industry and the results you’re looking to achieve. We make recommendations based on the SEO audit we carry out in the first month.

National Ninja is our most high-performing package, and is guaranteed to leave your competition in the dust!

How will you communicate with us?

Our communication methods centre around emails, catch-up calls, Skype sessions, and even messaging over Whatsapp. In essence, we make sure all our customers can communicate with us in the most comfortable method for them.
As long as the line of communication between our Finetune team and our client is easily-accessible, consistent, and convenient for all, we are flexible on which contact method we use for each of our clients.
That said, Finetune will also keep communication open over email, so that we can track and trace all of our progress with you

What does your reporting look like?

We provide you with a monthly report which outlines progress in keyword rankings, website traffic, online conversions, and a list of the tasks that we have carried out that month, all in the name of complete transparency.

We also like to provide recommendations on how we can further boost your results. This often includes tips on conversion optimisation and web design improvements.

Will I be tied into any lengthy contract?

Our campaigns are split up into two key areas:

On-page optimisation work
Off-page optimisation work

Our on-page work is carried out at a fixed rate within the first month, or in some cases during second month.
There is then the option to choose an off-page monthly package, starting in your third month with us, which focuses on ongoing content marketing and link building. We don’t believe in tying our clients down to long term contracts therefore if you wish to cancel anytime, we only require one month’s notice.

How long does it take to see results?

While our packages have been proven to generate great results, the pace of how quickly these results are achieved is often based on how competitive your industry is online. Are there any other companies in your industry investing in SEO? And if, so how much are they investing? In competitive markets, those who invest the most resources and time into SEO are often the ones at the top of Google’s search results. However, what’s really important to remember is that SEO takes time; no website has ever ranked overnight. It can takes a little while for you to start seeing results, but once you do, it’s well worth it!

What tactics do you use?

We only ever use White Hat tactics and abide by Google’s rules and regulations. In other words, you’ll never have to worry about us outsourcing our services to shady companies in faraway countries. All of our SEO services are recognised as reliable, responsible and effective by Google. Our combination of techniques includes writing guest blogs, creating mentions on social media, content creation, and digital PR to generate high quality links for our clients. Your web strength will have never been stronger than it will be with Finetune.

Why should I trust you guys?

At Finetune Digital, we value transparency. We make sure our clients understand exactly what kind of results they can expect from our services, and we give a clear explanation of exactly what it is that we are doing.

Our team has years of experience working in the digital marketing industry, particularly in SEO.

We focus on SEO exclusively, meaning we pour all of our resources into mastering this particular marketing strategy. This singular focus empowers us to excel at what we do, delivering the best possible results for each of our clients.

I’ve worked with Finetune on many SEO projects and they have always delivered quality work, on time and with a personal approach. I happily recommend Charlie if you’re looking for a reliable, professional and up-to-date provider.

Very impressed with the service I got from the team.  They are extremely professional and they are one of the few guys that really knows what they are doing. In two months since I have used them they have managed to get me to page one on google already! Because of Finetune I am very confident of my business future and leads.  If you are on the fence about acquiring an SEO service, Use Finetune, you will not regret it.  Outstanding work!

I’ve worked with Charlie for many years now. Finetune are always friendly, professional and most importantly very reliable. Highly recommended!

If you have ever wondered how to ‘get to number 1 in Google’ or worked with an SEO company that have let you down….then you haven’t worked with Charlie and team at Finetune. SUPERB service, friendly, transparent and clear explanations.

– We hired Charlie and his team at the beginning of the year, to help us with our Search Engine Optimisation. We have been delighted with the results!We now get far more visitors to our website and we are showing up on the first page of Google for a number of local search terms (keyword phrases). This has resulted in a noticeable increase in website enquiries. Couldn’t be happier and will continue to use Finetune in the foreseeable future.

I have been working closely with Charlie and his team to deliver SEO and digital marketing services. Finetune has been building marketing campaigns that have delivered genuine results for my clients. Their passion for helping these businesses succeed online really does shine through! Furthermore, Charlie is friendly, honest and a genuine expert in his field. I would have no hesitation in recommending Finetune to any business looking to build their online presence and those who want to start generating more web traffic & leads from their website.I look forward to working with Finetune for many a year to come.